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Cye Newman
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Cye Newman

I first became interested in Origami after watching the classic sci-fi Blade Runner a movie about Deckard, (played by Harrison Ford) as an official bounty hunter (or “Blade Runner”) consigned to hunt down, one after the other, four Nexus-6 replicants (genetically-designed artificial human beings, intended as slaves for Earth’s off-world colonies) During the movie several objects were created which I later learned were origami models. I later met Emiko Kruger who with regular lunch meetings taught me to fold more complex models. This was over 25 years ago and since them I have folded models of all types using various materials. I have taught on many occasions at libraries and in the work place and am a member of the OrigamiUSA Society. I also attend regular origami folder group meeting in Philadelphia (GP3 Greater Philadelphia Folders, Lehigh Valley Origami Enthusiast), New Jersey (Manalapan Folders) and New York where I share folding tips and learn new models.
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