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Triangular Gift Box Alternate Names:
Triangular Gift Box
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Dennis Walker
Dennis Walker
Paper: Square
Pieces: 1
Cuts: No
Glue: No
Rating (Average)

3.0000 (1 ratings)
Difficulty (Average)

3.0000 (1 ratings)

Licenza Creative Commons

This model may be folded for personal use. It may also be taught in classes without explicit permission of the copyright holder. Diagrams may be distributed at classes ( The model may not be folded or photographed for any commercial enterprise without the permission of the copyright holder.
About this Model

Instructions may be found in the following
BOS Convention 2014 Spring  (+CD) : page 41.

BOS Convention 2014 Spring (+CD)
Page 41

Diag:Yes CP:No Video:No
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