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Fasett Sonobe - 12 Unit Versison Alternate Names:
Fasett Sonobe - 12 Unit Versison
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Maria Sinayskaya
Maria Sinayskaya
Paper: Square
Pieces: 12
Cuts: No
Glue: No
Rating (Average)

4.0000 (1 ratings)
Difficulty (Average)

2.0000 (1 ratings)

About this Model
It takes 16 steps to make one unit for the Fasett Sonobe. It then takes 4 steps to join 12 units together to form the completed model. The underlying geometry of this model is an octahedron.
tgritter -- Ratings |
The 12 unit version of the Fasett Sonobe is much easier to make than the 30 unit version but it is very pretty nonetheless. Making the 12 unit version first is good practice to get ready for making the 30 unit version. Note that double-sided paper works best for this model because some of the reverse side of the paper is revealed on each unit.

Instructions may be found in the following
Zen Origami : page 42.

Zen Origami
Page 42 (20 Steps)

Diag:Yes CP:No Video:No
Photo Gallery
model image

Folded by Teresa Ritter
Photo: Teresa Ritter