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Tetra Box Alternate Names:
Tetra Box
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Jane Rosemarin
Jane Rosemarin
Paper: Other
Pieces: 1
Cuts: No
Glue: No
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4.0000 (1 ratings)
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1.0000 (1 ratings)

About this Model
This model is folded from a 1:5.4 rectangle. The designer indicates that a 1:6 rectangle will also work and is easier to calculate. Instructions include showing how to add a hanging loop to the box, using ribbon, string, or a paper loop.
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These little boxes are easy to make and fun to use. They are sturdy enough to hold gifts of candy, money, or small jewelry items. They are easy to open and close, but will stay securely closed until you wish to open them. Best of all, they can be hung up on a holiday tree as a combination of ornament and gift box.

Instructions may be found in the following
The Fold, Issue 63, Mar - Apr 2021 : page 0.

The Fold, Issue 63, Mar - Apr 2021
Page 0 (11 Steps)

Diag:Yes CP:No Video:No
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Folded by Teresa Ritter
Photo: Teresa Ritter