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Michael LaFosse's Origami Butterflies

Author(s): Michael G. LaFosse , Richard Alexander
ISBN: 9784805312261
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing / 2013
Language : English
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3.3333 (3 ratings)
Michael LaFosse's Origami Butterflies
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About this Book

Sub-title of this book is: Elegant Designs From a Master Folder. In addition to the beautiful color photos and diagrams/instructions for 26 different butterflies, this book also has sections on the base architecture of the butterfly body, customizing the base, and forming many different wing styles. These sections allow the reader to create his or her own butterfly designs -- an infinite variety.
tgritter --
I had fun making the butterflies in the diagrams, but I also enjoyed the part of this book which describes the Butterfly Project at the Holocaust Museum in Houston, the part which discusses different types of origami paper, and the part which suggests different ways to use origami butterflies as jewelry and decorations for stationery or gift wrapping.
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