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Designer Origami

Author(s): Matthew Gardiner
ISBN: 9781743084892
Publisher: Hinkler Books Pty Ltd / 2013
Language : English
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3.0000 (1 ratings)
Designer Origami
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About this Book

This book is published in the form of a binder which allows the pages to lay completely flat no matter where you open the book. It includes 80 sheets of double-sided origami paper in three sizes. There are diagrams and instructions for many models in five sections entitled: Jewelry, Fashion, Decoration, Lighting, and Displays. Note that the page numbering starts over again at page 1 for each section. The author presents folding techniques for paper, plastics and fabric. Crease patterns are provided for some models.
tgritter --
I was fascinated by the photos and information in the lengthy introduction to this book, especially the part entitled Techno Origami. I really like the binder format -- it is easier to follow diagrams and instructions when the pages lie completely flat.
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