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Origami Workshop: Kusudama Origami - Flower Kiriko

Author(s): Tomoko Fuse
ISBN: 9784416312087
Publisher: Seibundo Shinkosha / 0
Language : Japanese
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1.5000 (2 ratings)
Origami Workshop: Kusudama Origami - Flower Kiriko
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About this Book

The introduction of this book indicates that kiriko is a shape with square edges, and the kusudama in this book reflect that. Most of the models have the underlying geometry of a cube or a cuboctrahedron, but these simple shapes are enhanced by a huge variety of decorative inserts. There are 40 basic models; however, many of those are presented with multiple variations, so there are actually far more models in this book. Some of the models are assembled with paper hinges or joiners, but almost all of the models can be made without the use of glue. In addition to diagrams and instructions, there is a color photograph for each finished model.
tgritter --
The diagrams are clear enough so that anyone familiar with basic origami diagram conventions should be able to fold all of the models even if he or she can not read Japanese. The photographs of the finished kusudama are beautiful and helpful. I was inspired by the dramatic color combinations which Tomoko Fuse chooses and by her use of many different types of paper. So many wonderful possibilities in just one book!
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