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Zen Origami

Author(s): Maria Sinayskaya
ISBN: 9781631061974
Publisher: Race Point Publishing / 2016
Language : Emglish
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2.0000 (4 ratings)
Zen Origami
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About this Book

Subtitle of this book is: 20 Modular Forms For Meditation and Calm. Includes 400 sheets of 7.5 cm (3 in)square double-sided origami paper -- 10 unique patterned fronts with solid color backs. Book and paper are sold together in a slip-cover box.
tgritter --
I found the diagrams for how to assemble the units into 12-unit, 24-unit, or 30-unit structures, to be very clear and easy to follow. I also appreciated the diagram for how to add decorative beads to the structures.
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